What began as a small drawing workshop to inspire and help others break the anxiety and stress from everyday life has evolved into a digital creative studio specialized in animation, design, and illustration.

Through it all, we have evolved to take on corporate and commercial work to extend our reach and have a more significant positive impact on the world through animation, design, and illustration. Much like our passion for helping others, we also get excited about compelling ideas that can shape brands and inspire people.

In other words, - we solve business challenges with creative and engaging visuals.


Guillermo Chan

Guillermo Chan
Chief Creative Officer & Founder

Maria Fernanda Mansilla
2D/3D Senior Animator

Yulin Fong
Project Manager & Graphic Designer

Ailyn Mora
Animator & Illustrator

Sharon Chan

A diverse group of close-knit creatives that dreams and achieves. We’re planners, problem solvers, learners, and empaths. And beyond that, we’re animators, illustrators, and designers.

We create visual solutions that unite art, technology, and design, into a fresh new perspective that is impactful and creatively dynamic
We believe we are all a little broken, but any broken pencil can create beautiful art
- Guillermo Chan, Chief Creative Officer & Founder -