We love art, design, and technology, but more than that, we love to create visuals that combine all three and the challenges they come with. We are a team of genuine people, ready to help, always thinking, never bored. We are always learning and growing, and trying to the best of our ability to reach new heights, goals, and connections.

Our passion for drawing and ability for sketching ideas gives us a rocket-fast start in any project, allowing us to quickly convey visual concepts curating the message and making a strong visual connection. This alongside the use of Blender gives us a unique advantage over any other studio.

We believe time should be spent wisely as we cannot buy more of it. We believe that we are all a little broken, but any broken pencil can create beautiful art.

Our Team

Guillermo Chan
Chief Creative Officer & Founder

Vivian Lin
Marketing & Creative Writer

Erica HoOperations Manager

Daniela Rojas
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Astrid Pinel
Animator & Illustrator

Eddy Quezada
3D Animator & Designer