Broken Pencil Studios Inc. Rules and Regulations
Explainer Video Giveaway: A Small Business Giveaway

Giveaway Entry Period 
The Explainer Video Giveaway: A Small Business Giveaway begins at 12:01 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (“MST”) on December 1, 2020 and ends at 6:00 p.m. MST on December 31, 2020 (the “Giveaway Period”). 

Giveaway Eligibility 
This Giveaway is open to all residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) who have reached the age of majority according to the laws of the Province where they reside, excluding employees of Broken Pencil Studios Inc., its associated agencies, and members of their respective immediate households and any person domiciled with any of the above. The Giveaway is void where prohibited by federal, provincial or local law. 

By entering the Giveaway, each Entrant unconditionally acknowledges and agrees to comply with and abide by these official rules (the “Giveaway Rules”) and the decisions of Broken Pencil Studios Inc., which shall be final and binding regarding all matters relating to the Giveaway. All decisions of Broken Pencil Studios Inc.  in judging, administering, and organizing the Giveaway are final and binding. Broken Pencil Studios Inc.  reserves the right to cancel or modify the Giveaway if it determines in its sole discretion that the Giveaway can’t be run as originally planned or if the fairness or integrity of the Giveaway compromised. Broken Pencil Studios Inc. may substitute prizes of equal value if the original prizes can’t be awarded for any reason as determined in its sole discretion. 

Nominated Entrants must be either 1) the owner of a company or business domiciled in Canada (excluding Quebec) with 1-50 employees (an “Eligible Small Business”); or 2) an employee of an eligible small business who has obtained written permission to participate in this Giveaway from the owner, president or chief executive of the Eligible Small Business (the “Eligible Entrant”). Nominated Entrants must also be either a federally or provincially incorporated company.  Upon request by Broken Pencil Studios Inc., each entrant must provide proof of their identity and legal qualification as an Eligible Entrant. Submission may be disqualified where such proof is not provided upon request. No Submissions will be returned. All Submissions become the property of Broken Pencil Studios Inc. All submissions must adhere to the Submission Rules (as described below). Eligible Entrants can be nominated by any registered user of Facebook, Instagram or Linked In who reside in Canada (excluding Quebec) who have reached the age of majority according to the laws of the Province where they reside, excluding employees of Broken Pencil Studios Inc., its associated agencies, and members of their respective immediate households and any person domiciled with any of the above ( a “Nominator”). 

Giveaway Entry Submission  
No purchase necessary.  Nominated Entrants can be entered into the Giveaway by Nominators or Eligible Entrants by completing all of the following:

  1. Visit Broken Pencil Studios Inc. on Facebook or Instagram at @brokenpencilyyc
  2. Follow and Like our @brokenpencilyyc Giveaway post
  3. Comment and tag on the ORIGINAL Giveaway post the name of the small business you would like to nominate
  4. Share the Giveaway post publicly
  5. Submit your business’s contact information on our giveaway form on and write a short paragraph of why you believe an explainer video would help your business 

(the “Participation Criteria”)
Successful completion of the Participation Criteria will be determined by Broken Pencil Studios Inc. in its sole discretion. No other form of participation is accepted. Only one (1) entry on Facebook and one (1) entry on Instagram per Nominator or Eligible Entrant will be accepted for the duration of the Giveaway. All Submissions received within the entire Giveaway Period will be eligible for a chance to win a maximum of one (1) prize. 

By participating in the Giveaway, each Entrant hereby warrants and represents that any Participation Criteria they submit does not contain any reference to any identifiable third parties without such party’s prior consent and will not give rise to any claims whatsoever against Broken Pencil Studios Inc. from such third party. 

Broken Pencil Studios Inc. reserves the right to discount any vote that appears, in its sole determination, to be made by the same person using different accounts. Any use of robotic, automatic or other programmed methods, or any other fraudulent mechanism, as determined by Broken Pencil Studios Inc., may void all votes. Broken Pencil Studios Inc. is not responsible for errors, problems or delays in the computer or social media platform entry systems. All Giveaway entries will become the property of Broken Pencil Studios Inc.  

By entering the giveaway, each participant agrees to release and indemnify Broken Pencil Studios Inc., and all sponsors and media partners from said Giveaway and all officers, directors, agents, parent companies, subsidiaries and employees (the “Released Parties”),from any and all claims, demands and/or causes of action of any nature or kind whatsoever, other than in the event of gross negligence, whether presently known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, that arise out of the participant’s participation in the Giveaway.  

Giveaway Prizing 
There will be one (1) winner selected by a panel of judges using the criteria list below.  The winner will receive the following Prize (the “Prize”): 

One (1) Prize Winner
The Prize available to be won consists of

  1. Production of a one-minute Explainer Video, consisting of an animated explanation of what your business is and what your business does, valued at $7,500CAD (the “Prize”). The prize value is calculated based on the predicted working hours of the scope for this project. Refer to Broken Pencil Studios Inc.’s "Process & Rates" for more details. 

Judges, Judging Criteria and Selection of Winner 
Submissions will be judged by a panel composed of representatives of Broken Pencil Studios Inc. (the “Judges”) throughout the Giveaway period. Judging is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Judges, without right of appeal. The Judges will judge the Submissions using the following criteria 

Criteria & Weighting 
All submissions will be filtered by Broken Pencil Studios based on the small business’s company message and mission. The business must be or have a product that is innovative in its field. The small business must also be an incorporated business. On or before January 4, 2021, the Judges will narrow down the submissions to the top THREE from among the submissions of all Eligible Entrants based on the above noted criteria. On or about January 15, 2021, the Judges will then select the top Submission which will be announced as the Winner of the Giveaway. The Winner will be contacted and required to answer a skill-testing question.  After the winner announcement and an initial meeting with Broken Pencil Studios Inc., the timing and production schedule for the final deliverance of the product will be assessed and agreed to by Broken Pencil Studios Inc. and the Giveaway winner. Any delay or prolongation of the production schedule may result in the production exceeding the $7,500CAD value in hours before completion. Broken Pencil Studios Inc. will notify the winner once the $7,500CAD in production hours has been met and will not continue production until an agreement for payment of additional costs has been arranged. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, without substitution, transfer, exchange or assignment except in Broken Pencil Studios Inc.’s sole and absolute discretion. Broken Pencil Studios Inc. reserves the right to substitute the Prize in whole or in part. Winners are solely responsible for all costs not expressly described herein. The Prize is void where prohibited by law. 

Giveaway Winner Notification 
On January 15, 2021, Broken Pencil Studios Inc. will announce the winner through @brokenpencilyyc Facebook or Instagram accounts and attempt to contact them by direct messaging through said social media platforms, email and/or telephone. To be confirmed a Winner, the Eligible Entrant must: (1) respond to the telephone notification within ten (10)business days of being contacted; (2) review, sign and return within the timeframe specified any and all agreements as required by Broken Pencil Studios Inc., including waivers, release agreement, release of liability and indemnity agreements and intellectual property licenses; and (3) be available and able to meet with Broken Pencil Studios Inc. to discuss the production of the explainer video on or before January 31, 2021.  The winner will be required to produce legal business license identification documents satisfactory to Broken Pencil Studios Inc. management. Each winner will be responsible for any taxes or fees that result from the receipt and/or use of their prize.  Entrants determined by Broken Pencil Studios Inc. to be ineligible, for reasons including but not limited to failure to comply with the Giveaway Rules, failure to be contacted or respond to contact attempts after forty-eight (48) hours, or being unable to meet within the specified timeframe, will be disqualified from the Giveaway. Broken Pencil Studios Inc. reserves the right to award the Prize to the Submission with the next highest score in their sole discretion.  

Giveaway Entries 
All entries become the property of Broken Pencil Studios Inc. Entries are subject to verification and will be declared invalid if they are forged, falsified, or unlawful in any way. Entries submitted by unauthorized means or by spamming will be disqualified. In the event that it has been determined that an entry has been made in a manner not sanctioned by these rules and/or an entrant has submitted more than the number of entries permitted by these rules, the entrant and all of his/her entries will be disqualified. Entrants agree to abide by the Giveaway Rules and the decisions of the Giveaway judges, which are final. This Giveaway is subject to all applicable laws and regulations.  

This Giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or any social media platforms on which the Giveaway may have been promoted and/or publicized. Automated entries to the Giveaway sent via malware or a bot will be disqualified. Automated and/or repetitive electronic submissions (including but not limited to entries made using any script, macro, bot or Giveaway service) will be automatically disqualified and transmissions from these or related social media accounts maybe blocked.   

All personal information collected will only be used for purposes related or ancillary to the Giveaway. All personal information will be stored through secure online means, disclosed only to those individuals who require such information to administer the Giveaway, and will be promptly destroyed following the end of the Giveaway. For any questions regarding the privacy of your information, you can contact 


Broken Pencil Studios Inc. retains all ownership and intellectual property rights, including but not limited to moral rights, in the Prize and work product produced further to the Prize and this Giveaway. The Prize is provided to the Winner by means of a non-exclusive license and may be reproduced or reused by Broken Pencil Studios Inc. in any capacity as it sees fit in its sole discretion.  

Change of Rules 
By participating in this Giveaway, Nominators and Eligible Entrants agree to be bound by the official rules and regulations of the promotion. Broken Pencil Studios Inc. reserves the right to supplement or change the Giveaway rules at any time. Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification from the Giveaway. The interpretation of these and all other rules relating to Giveaways or promotions sponsored by Broken Pencil Studios Inc. is reserved exclusively to Broken Pencil Studios Inc. Its decisions shall be final.  

Process & Rates

Our process follows a strict set of steps that will allow us to provide a healthy work flow and collaboration with our clients. Each step must be approved before we can continue with the next steps.

Pre-Production - Rate per hour $125CAD

  • Develop a script for animated projects if needed.
  • Create a Moodboard using external references to identify the animation style, look, and feel, and that it aligns with the client's vision and branding.
  • Create a Storyboard using the script to show how the story will develop and what we will see on screen.
  • Develop and source graphic assets needed for the animation process.
  • Recording of VoiceOver.

Production - Rate per hour $175CAD

  • Animation of graphic assets begins, this is timed to a scratch VoiceOver track or the final VoiceOver track.
  • Illumination, Shaders and Textures are added and Rendered to be sent for approval to the client. *Only for 3D projects.
  • The first draft of the animation is sent for review on timing and fidelity to the storyboard and mood board.
  • Polishing animation and setting render for export.
  • Render scenes

Post-Production - Rate per hour $175CAD

  • Combine all rendered scenes and work on transitions between scenes.
  • Addition of visual effects if needed.
  • Addition of Sound Effects and Music track to the animation.
  • Colour correction and balances.
  • Export Final Output

The number of hours assigned to each step will be calculated by Broken Pencil Studios Inc. once we have assessed the project scope, complexity of the script, and length of the video required. These hours will be available in detail to the client on a budget estimate.