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Enriched Videos (EV)

Bring the power and interactivity of AR and VR to your videos on any device without the need for any app or external hardware.

ENRICHED VIDEOS (EV) allows you to have the immersive experience of a VR/AR simulation without the need to download and install an application or the need for any extra hardware. From explaining a complex process and allowing your audience to interact with it, to showcasing a new product that is not accessible to everyone.

In the following sample videos, you will experience the video running in the background with an animated 3D object in the bottom right.  The user can toggle back and forth between watching the video or opening the animated object to learn more about the topic being discussed. The animated object can change throughout the video to correlate to the topic being discussed.

Click on any of the industries below to see how EV can be used to enhance the viewing experience of your videos.

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